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Caroline Summers PR AND COMMUNICATIONS SPECIALIST I had the pleasure of working with Sue on the SportsJAM and BikeJAM family festival events last year. Sue is someone who is detailed-orientated and a perfectionist, a vital asset when it comes to event organisation. Sue had great rapport with the team and also with the groups of volunteers who helped to run the events on the day. It was a pleasure to work with Sue and I would not hesitate to do so again.

Russell Thomson DIRECTOR OF FUNDRAISING, THE ROYAL BRITISH LEGION In Zebra we got a dedicated line-up of players, each with their own unimpeachable standards, who not only helped conceive this incredible event, but managed all elements of it with the grace and finesse of a major agency, whilst retaining the personable and tight knit style of a smaller more concentrated business.

Shegufta Rahman PROJECT COORDINATOR, BE THE BOSS, THE ROYAL BRITISH LEGION Sue is dedicated, highly motivated and able to combine a number of different work streams at one time. Throughout my time working with Sue, she demonstrated excellent communication and organizational skills and consistently helped the team meet targets and deadlines.

Charles Langhorne MD COWPARADE EUROPE LTD Sue Brodie built a team at Zebra to be proud of. During CowParade London 2002, Zebra responded quickly and efficiently to any problems put in their path. Friendly, well-organized, resourceful and a pleasure to work with.